Sham, show, Rigged and Fraudulent Elections in Chad, and Congo Brazzaville: Where Is The Dam International Community? [ Koffi Apati-Bassah]


There were rigged elections in a score of African countries this spring, with opponents tracked, maimed and some killed by reigning dictators who cling to power through cronyism, corruption, political cesspool and national resources siphoning. There were Bombing of villages seen as favorable to challengers of autocrats and even Killing of Civilians amid Post-Election Unrest, but the so called international community has been remains radio silent. In Chad army men who were suspected of not voting Idriss Deby or for voting for opponents of the later had been killed in extra-judicial way and an exhaustive list of their names is available.

The one billion dollars’ question is: where is the dam international community? Where are the United Nations tanks that carpet-bombed Ebrunie and dislodged the honorable and patriotic president Laurent Gbagbo (who handsomely won the 2010 presidential election in Cote d’Ivoire?). Where are they with the heavy artilleries they used to shell residents around Laurent Gbagbo’s presidential palace, while indiscriminately firing on peaceful Ivorian protesters? Where is the doubled-standarded so called nation of human right (France) when dictators, (some of them have totaled over 30 years in power), when these buffoons and rogue states so-called presidents are maiming, killing and destroying lives?

This is the account of one local witness about the killing of civilians in the aftermath of Congolese presidential elections, account corroborated by on-the-ground facts checking by Amnesty International about two government helicopters that dropped upwards of 30 bombs in the southeastern Pool region in Congo.

« Many people have been killed following the bombing. I saw at least 30 dead bodies between Soumouna and Ngula. The air strikes also led to lot of material damage… » She reportedly fled her home after the assault, just as other thousands of residents of Soumouna and Ngula. Today, the two localities look like ghost towns.

In Chad a long list of dead military men who supposedly “snubbed” Idriss Deby in the polling stations had been published by humanitarian organizations and this is not a fairy tale!

Why do these egomaniac-misogynist-free-masons dictators with the blessing of their master slave-owners in the west think their citizens deserve to take shelter in the forests or deserve to be killed so they can stay in power forever? Where do they see the god to do that, and how a situation which sinks the hearts of so many Africans doesn’t melt the heart of the countries of human rights’ leaders?

Here is the thing with the international community when it comes to African politics: they choose who to call dictators and plot against them or who to call democrats and plebiscite them.
Maybe, it’ll take a Negro to remind them that democracy and all its corollaries has to be a whole package. You can’t cherry pick and choose what make the list of elements of democracy. IT IS A WHOLE PACKAGE, YOU CHOOSE IT OR YOU LEAVE IT!

Following are some examples of how biased the West becomes when it comes to democracy and human right practice in what they call Third world countries, particularly in Africa. There were legislative elections in Algeria in 1992, and one entity of the contestants was the Islamic Salvation Front (Algerian version of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt). When the FIS appeared to be winning the election, a military coup dismantled the party and threw many of the elected MPs in jail. The party/movement had been officially banned altogether two months later by the government.

Elections for the second Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), the legislature of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in 2006 has seen the victory of Hamas with the majority of 74 of the 132 seats in contest. This election had been held at the request (should I say injunction) of the international community. As soon as Hamas won, it had been declared a terrorist organization, and put on a black list, with all ties with them severed.

The case of Hugo Chavez is still fresh on our mind. Because he closed his country to US oil tycoons who pillaged the resources of the country, leaving millions of Venezuelans in extreme poverty, he had been labeled dictator and communist and all actions had been set to destabilize and remove him from power: witch-hunt, sabotages of all sorts of the country’s economy, even an attempt coup d’état perpetrated by US.

More recently, in July 2013, Egypt’s military officers removed the country’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, suspended the Constitution and installed an interim government presided over by a senior jurist. It’s an opened secret that US has coordinated with military men of former dictator Hosni Mubarak to remove Morsi, for the interest of the North. Guess who replaced him after fraudulent elections? General Al-Sissi! Democracy, tell me about it!

And currently in Brazil, an impeachment process had been opened against Dilma Rousseff for “overestimating” and “manipulating” the fundamentals of Brazilian economy whereas the real motive of these oligarchs is ensuring that severe wealth inequality and the political inequality that results remains firmly in place. Yes, there were corruption in Lula-Rousseff left-wing party, so were there in the right-wing party of the vice-president Michel Temer (he had been personally cited for corruption in the Petrobras scandals)

The international community saw no evil or heard no evil, when Faure Gnassingbé had openly, and on all worldwide media outlets stolen presidential election of 2015. They saw no evil or hear no evil when Mahamadou Issoufou rigged the second run of 2016 Niger presidential elections, after he had thrown in jail his main challenger Hama Amadou.

We saw the comedy of the junior partners of imperialism in RCI “mending the relationship between Yayi Boni and Patrice Talon the newly elected president of Benin. The most comic among them, Faure Gnassingbé has the most fractured political class in his country, Togo. He planted a fabricated plot of attempted coup d’état on his own brother, threw him in jail, while faking the apostle of reconciliation outside of his country. What a hypocrite! Need to say something about the butcher of Abidjan (Allasane Ouattara)? No, I would pass that.

Jean De La Fontaine saw it very early when he said in his book “The miserable”: According to whether you are powerful or miserable, the judgments of court will return to you white or black” We’ll paraphrase and contextualize him by saying “according to whether you represent the interest of the rich and powerful (International Community), or choose to be a patriotic president, the judgments of the International Community will return to you democrat or dictator »

Koffi Apati-Bassah

New-York City




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