Open Letter To : The United Nations Secretary General [ From Koffi Apati-Bassah]


To : The United Nations Secretary General.

Subject : The Con Artist Mohamed Ibn Chambas Needs To Be Served A Pink Slip if UN Wants To Rebrand Itself.

Mohamed Ibn Chambas, the so-called representative of the UN Secretary General in West Africa is not working for the UN but for his own interests. He is a fraudulency and a man on the cake. He’s committing a breach of trust and venality in Togo and has to be served a pink slip.

Mohamed Chambas is supping with the devil and thinks he has a long spoon. His spoon is getting shorter and shorter and his day of reckoning is close. This guy is looking the other way while the despot and corrupted government of Faure is rampaging the population.

Togolese took to the street because they want to switch the Gnassingbes off the power. Eyadema Gnassingbe has ruled the country for 38 and died in 2005. His son, Faure Gnassngbe had operated a constitutional coup, massacred thousands of Togolese and sized power. Fifty years for one family is too much, there will be no more negotiation. We just want him out!

Following are some of Mohamed Ibn Chambas antics

Right before the uprising of August 19th, Mohamed Chambas, the so-called doctor of we don’t know what took the stand and declared that Togo is peaceful and that he worries some evil -intended persons are planning to destabilize the government and trouble the peace. He was referring to the call to demonstrate against Faure Gnassingbe’s despotic rule.

In 2015, after the fraudulent victory of Faure Gnassingbe over Jean-Pierre Fabre, when Togolese were contesting the publication of the crooked result, Mohamed Chambas came along side John Mahama the former president of Ghana and had browbeaten the opposition to accept the misrepresentation and the fraudulent result proclaimed by the super corrupted Taffa Tabio, the former president of the National Electoral Commission.

Mohamed Ibn Chambas, in a rare bravado had the effrontery to tell Jean-Pierre Fabre, which victory had been stolen by the fraudster Faure Gnassigbe that he (Jean-Pierre Fabre) is still young and can wait to become president, after Faure Gnassingbe leaves power, an insult to our intelligence.

In 2005 Faure Gnassingbe seized power through a constitutional coup and massacred at least 500 Togolese according to UN Human Right investigation. What did the UN do to punish a mass murderer, nothing. Rather, they shove it under the carpet, and ganged up against Togo to force the opposition parties to sign an agreement through which Faure Gnassingbe has to operate institutional and constitutional reforms that will lead to free, fair and peaceful elections. I was in 2006. Another corrupted UN representative has been sent to Togo as Human Rights watch dog and to see to it that the 2006 Global Political Accord is fully implemented. Ige Olutokoumbo declared victory and left Togo in May 2017, but not even one of the points in the GPA has been implemented by Faure Gnassingbe. While in Togo, instead of doing UN official business, she ditched the traditional, puritanical attitude of African women and engaged in promiscuous relationship with Faure Gnassingbe (to put a fine point on it). The souvenir we have of her in Togo is the “prostitute of the United Nations”.

Back to Mohamed Ibn Chambas again: In 2005 at the time he was the executive secretary of the ECOWAS, Mohamed Ibn Chambas deceived Togolese in making it look like he was fighting for the restoration of democracy in Togo, while in the reality was in a shadowy deal with Faure Gnassinge who is lining the UN representative pocket with stolen money. Do you know that Mohamed Ibn Chambas is a nightly visitor in Togo?

This is his latest antics:

The Togolese Parliament is cooking a book on a new Constitution which will be tailored to size for Faure Gnassingbe. They are planning to give Faure Gnassingbe which Is serving his third mandate a clean slate so he can stand for election twice after he finished his third term. In an interview on BBC the other day, Mohamed Ibn Chambas has taken as usual the side of Faure in cheering and heaping praise on the the new Constitution. He clearly wants Faure Gnassingbe to be in power for a least a total of 25 years. He is doing the exact same thing in Guinea Conakry.

We have a Constitution voted through a referendum in 1992 which states unambiguously that “Under no circumstances shall anybody serve more than two mandate”, that is the constitution we want back.

Do us a favor, serve him the door. UN never chooses the side of Togolese population. It always chooses the part of the bread which is jammed a buttered.

UN is already low in our book, and Mohamed Ibn Chambas is taking it to the lowest point.

He safety is no more guaranteed if he returns to Togo because we have been victim of his corruption, greediness and immorality.

Yours Sincerely,

Koffi Apati-Bassah
New-York City




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