By Not Showing at the at the Dialogue, Faure Gnassingbé, has displayed condescendence and lack of manner! (Video) [ Par Koffi Apati-Bassah]



In 2005, after the death of his father Eyadema, the dictator who had ruled Togo with an iron fist for 38 years, faure gnassingbé, in a constitutional coup, had sidelined Fambare Natchaba, the then speaker of the parliament and the next in line to become president, and confiscated power. In the process, he had killed more than 1000 Togolese and snatched the throne, setting in motion a long reign, marred with assassination, siphoning of resources and money embezzlement as well as protest and contestation by the population.

He had overstayed his despotic two-term limit and is in his third unlawful and tyrannical term.

During his fiendish, sadistic and wicked reign, this scum of the earth and his cronies had torched our central market (Lomé) and Kara market, planted the crime on innocent civilians which they had thrown in the slammer without trial for three years. He had fatally bullet-sprayed school boys who was demonstrating to request that their teachers resume teaching. His hitmen called soldiers had run over demonstrators and crushed them to death in Mango with army tanks just because the population had been protesting a government land grab. He had made of the only central hospital a giant slaughter house where you enter sick only to come out ready to go six feet below. We’ll pass on our roads that can accommodate elephants and the lack of sanitary infrastructures in the country. We’ll also pass on the more than the dozen persons killed by faure gnassingbe since August 2017 when the demonstration to see him gone had reached its pick. Some human right watch dog groups have even put the figure as high as one hundred dead.

All of the above had set in motion a protest by which Togolese had been trying to get rid of the good-for-nothing president who, instead of running the country rather spends his time in high jinks and bunga bunga life style.

This brought us to the presence of his Excellency Nana Akufo Addo, who brought his much valued person to Togo to help mediate in the long crisis that had brought Togo to a pretty much stand-still.

At the ceremonial opening of the dialogue, one would think that the fake degree holder of Togo, Faure gnassingbé would return the courtesy in showing up. No, he had other fish to fry and had bunkered himself in his ivory tower!

In doing so, he had displayed condescendence and a lack of manners on the World stage. He had given the World extra proof that he has remained the ill-bred and the spoiled brat he has always been.

 Faure gnassingbé has no respect for His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo

President Addo has a clean and traceable résumé. He read law in England and had practiced it as a lawyer over many years. He had run an efficient presidential campaign and had won at the third attempt. Once he assumed the highest office, we see clearly that he wasn’t just talking the talk. He is also walking the walk as well and is sowing self-help and independence which will soon change the face of black Africa.

faure gnasdingbe, came back from France and USA with fake degrees, and sized power by staging a constitutional coup. His obsession of power (conservation) had brought him to massacre more than 1000 Togolese, just so he is called Mr. President. This is the guy who is putting on airs and is lording it over President Akufo Addo!

Faure is not above the issues prompting this dialogue. He is part to the dialogue. He’s the one who had high-jacked Togo’s constitution, self-tailored it to size so he can seize power.
Even if he wasn’t a stakeholder in this dialogue, state protocol would want him to put his pretty face on this gathering thanks to the presence of his Ghanaian counterpart!

It urges to get rid of this cancer, before he brings the highest institution to a never reached low.


Koffi Apati-Bassah

New-York City 



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